WMC Association Health Plan to offer new cost savings plan designs in 2023!


WMC’s AHP will now offer the latest NexusACO Plan Designs to our program. The UnitedHealthcare NexusACO plan connects each employee with a primary care provider (PCP) who coordinates care across the network and provides support, guidance and knowledge to help the employee make informed care decisions.


Savings of 8-13%


Working together, a PCP can help connect employees with hospitals, specialists and providers. This collaboration can help avoid unnecessary or duplicate tests and services, which may save time and money.


Quality local care backed by a dependable national health plan NexusACO is the only network that includes our top-performing accountable care organizations (ACOs) and UnitedHealth Premium® physicians. This unique arrangement can offer employees and their families access to hundreds of PCPs, specialists, urgent care centers and hospitals, and providers close to home. With NexusACO your employees enjoy easy access to local, convenient and quality care — backed by an established national carrier:

• The UnitedHealthcare broad national network includes quality providers
• Employees can receive the highest level of coverage and save money
by choosing Tier 1 providers
• An out-of-network option is available at a lower benefit level, but some
plan designs offer no coverage for providers who are not part of the
UnitedHealthcare network
• Enhanced provider search tools help employees find and select the provider
who best fits their needs


For more information please check out the flier