What is the Step-by-Step Process?

  1. WMC Insurance receives the completed enrollment documents and confirms all needed information is accounted for.
  2. If any missing information is needed, WMC Insurance will reach out to the broker or account manager.
  3. WMC Insurance completes entry of case details into the database.
  4. WMC Insurance submits the case to MetLife Underwriting for final approval.
  5. Group Number is assigned.

Additional Information:

  • Please allow 10-15 days for processing.
  • Double-check forms to ensure completed fully and accurately.
  • Contact WMC Insurance at 608-258-3400 if the case has not been issued within 15 business days.

What is Needed for Enrollment?

WMC Insurance strives to have a smooth and efficient enrollment process for your business. Please see the links below for important forms you will need during enrollment.

Important Documents

Agent/Agency Producer Agreement

Have questions? As always, please contact WMC Insurance at 608-258-3400.