When employees can’t work due to illness or injury, a company’s productivity and profits may suffer. WMC Insurance offers scalable short-term disability insurance solutions that can help members get back to work as soon as they’re ready.

All disability insurance contracts are underwritten by Aetna Life Insurance Company.

Benefits to Employers

  • A smooth claims process
  • Administration options ranging from self-service to full-service
  • Disability and medical plans that work together
  • State-of-the-art processes that help ease plan administration

Benefits to Employees

  • Experienced staff available to help them manage claims by phone or online
  • Clinical specialists who support a healthy return to work
  • A convenient web portal and mobile application for managing claims

Eligibility & Participation

Policy Provisions: STD Plan
Group Size: 10+ or more enrolled
Eligible Employee: 30+ Hours per work, or as deemed by the employer and acceptable to WMC/Aetna

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Questions? Contact WMC Insurance at 608-258-3400.

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