All disability insurance contracts are underwritten by MetLife.

When you’re picking a Group Short Term Disability (STD) Insurance program to help protect your employees, you want to ensure the program works as hard for you as it does for them. Group STD from MetLife offers experienced claim support for your employees, and contract features that help control workplace productivity for you – minimizing the impact that an absence can have on your company.

Return-to-work focus

If you maximize the opportunities for employees to return to work, you can minimize interruptions to your business. The sooner someone gets back to work, as appropriate for them given their disability — even in a limited capacity — the sooner they may be able to return to work full-time.


MetLife’s Group STD insurance contract provides return to work incentives, which may help keep employees working or get back to work sooner:

  • Rehabilitation program incentive – If employees join an approved rehabilitation program, their weekly benefit can increase by 10%.
  • Family care incentive – Life carries on, even when you can’t work. This incentive can provide monthly reimbursement for eligible family care expenses like child care when an employee participates in an approved rehabilitation program.
  • Work incentive – This supports employees if they choose to stay in work. They can receive up to 100% of their covered pre-disability
    monthly earnings while disabled and working. Earnings include work earnings, weekly disability benefit, Rehabilitation Incentive and other income benefits like State disability benefits.
  • Moving expense incentive – This can reimburse any costs that come up after moving to a new residence if it was recommended as part of an approved rehabilitation program.

Solutions to meet your needs

  • Weekly benefit
  • Maximum weekly benefit
  • Minimum weekly benefit
  • Elimination period
  • Maximum benefit period
  • Definition of disability
  • Rehabilitation incentives
  • Organ donor benefit


Eligibility & Participation

Short Term Disability and Voluntary Short Term Disability
Group Size: 4+ or more enrolled
Eligible Employee: 30 Hours per work, or as deemed by the employer and acceptable to WMC/MetLife

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