All disability insurance contracts are underwritten by MetLife.

The right Long Term Disability protection is vital to easing the impact of disability on your business. Disabling events occur more often than most people may think, so being prepared for them not only helps your employees protect their income, but might also help minimize lost productivity in your workplace.

Our Long Term Disability insurance product is supported by a sophisticated claim model and compassionate service experience and appropriately maintains a focus on returning employees to work.

• A definition of disability that focuses on protecting an employee’s income
• Significant return to work and rehabilitation incentives
• Flexible contract provisions and options

Incentives that work

  • Zero day residual – Allows disabled employees (as defined under contract) to work during the elimination period while
    still satisfying it if they are unable to earn more than 80% of predisability earnings due to their disability.
  • Rehabilitation program incentive – Increased monthly benefit (10%) while in an approved rehabilitation program.
  • Family care incentive – Monthly reimbursement for eligible family care expenses (e.g., child care, elder care) during the first 24 months of disability if participating in an approved rehabilitation program.
  • Work incentive – Up to 100% of an employee’s predisability monthly earnings may be received for the first 24 months of disability while disabled and working, from sources including work earnings, the LTD Benefit, Rehabilitation Incentive and other income benefits.
  • Moving expense incentive – Reimbursement for expenses associated with moving to a new residence if recommended as part of an approved rehabilitation program.

Solutions to meet your needs

  • Monthly benefit
  • Elimination period
  • Benefit period
  • Definition of Disability
  • Rehabilitation incentives
  • Cost-of-living adjustment benefit
  • Survivor benefit

Long Term Disability – Value Adds

Eligibility & Participation

Long Term Disability and Voluntary Long Term Disability
Group Size: 2+ or more enrolled
Eligible Employee: 30+ Hours per work, or as deemed by the employer and acceptable to WMC/MetLife

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