Absence Management programs are underwritten and administered by MetLife.

Keeping track of employee absences can be a challenge. MetLife makes the process easy for your employees and eases the impact on your workload. MetLife’s Absence Management Solutions is a fully integrated solution that can capture, track and administer various types of employee absence.

Absence Management Solutions includes solutions for the following employee absences:

  • Federal Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • State Family Medical Leave Laws
  • Non-FML State Leave Laws
  • Company Sponsored Leaves

Enjoy a superior service experience

Experienced associates and robust system and processes gives you and your employees an easier experience to:

  • Manage any company leave policies specific to your business and FMLA leaves and/or state leave laws that are similar to FMLA
  • Give you personalized service from Leave Coordinators
  • Provide status updates on current leaves
  • Administer all types of absences, however frequent, whether they are continuous, intermittent or reduced schedule
  • Work with customer Human Resources (HR) systems and vendors.

Eligibility & Participation

Total Absence Management, FML Administration
Group Size: 500+ or more enrolled
Eligible Employee: 30 Hours per work, or as deemed by the employer and acceptable to WMC/MetLife

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