WMC Service Corporation

The WMC Service Corp provides group insurance benefits to members of WMC and their employees. The WMC Service Corporation may also provide other products and services through discounts and/or product enhancements.

Insuring Our Members

Members of WMC qualify for a variety of insurance products that can save your team both time and money. Through WMC Insurance, members can save on both premium and administrative costs by joining our insurance pool. Whether you need medical, dental, vision, life, disability, or workplace voluntary insurance, WMC Insurance is here to help your business. We provide coverage for more than 200 companies and over 15,000 employees – from small companies with 10 employees to those with a few thousand. Don’t wait, join the pool today and save!

Join Us

Application for Groups

With a WMC Insurance membership, you can access plans that give you “strength in numbers”. For rating purposes, you’re seen as a large employer, and you have the ability to include a broad range of plan designs and options to cater to the needs of your employees. The Insurance Association membership is paid based on number of enrolled employees on an annual basis.